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Accommodation for tour
las vegas travel deals my next tour which I will take with my mom and dad. During this tour, I want to stay in that hotel which is best for staying for the family.  I have no idea which hotel is best in Las Vegas for this purpose. So if any member come to know any hotel name which is best there for stay during the journey then must share here. 
Well, Zeem, if you will check it out, So i guess accommodation facility is available on that tour. you can stay at a beautiful place that they had given all the customers. So just try to find out. I also have been to there once in my life with golden bus tours. It was so much amazing and worth seeing for me.
Brinkman, I am going to do agree with you here that golden bus tours offer the free accommodation on all of its tours. Mr. Zeem, you should not be worried about the hotel accommodation cause this agency provides the free hotel stay on its all tours. So, Go ahead for this and have a remarkable and exciting time on this.
Both of you are right the goldenbustours offer free accommodation facility on many tours. But on one-day tour, this facility is not available for the customers. Actually, I will take 1-Day Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Tour by taking this tour and on this tour, accommodation facility is not offered by the agency. That's why I asked all of you about this.

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