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Help me
I am so much worried right now and keen to know from you, recommend me some best tips for saving me and my life. actually, I have a problem an that is whenever I ate after eating feels my heartbeat is very fast. I have talked about this with my friend some of them were saying I have heartburn issue and some were saying my heart muscles are weak. I don't know what should I do regarding this?
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Kludd, I am going to say that it is really a serious issue and you should not avoid it. I can not suggest you anything about it because it is really serious. You should consult a doctor on this note instead of friends. The doctor can guide you best and make prescriptions as well. So, visit the doctor in your first leisure and consult this issue with him.

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Kludd! I am going to agree with the above member. It is a serious issue and in this matter, you consult to the doctor instead of your friends. Because friends couldn't tell you the main reason for this problem. So it is better for you, you share this issue with the doctor than he can guide you in this regard and also give you the best tips which will save your life. Hope so you will understand this thing.
Well, this is really good suggestion to see a doctor. Don't take it easy just have proper checkup and i am sure you will be fine totally and will be really amazing and best thing you will be to enjoy then in your life.
Brinkman! It is my goodness, you also agree with me. I think if we face anything like this then we must check ourselves to do0cter because they can guide us in a better. No doubt he will be fine soon and enjoy his life.

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