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This forum have been started just recently. Help us and do not hesitate to join and build the community.
Your comments and tips how to make the forum more usefull are welcome.

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My Introduction
Hello, Everyone, I am a new member of this board and my name is Melania. I have joined this board a few hours ago and Now I can participate here as an active member. I am a big lover of Traveling, Modeling, Dancing, Baking, and Shopping as all of these are my hobbies and a way of fun in life.  Will anyone like to welcome me here?
Melania , Welcome here as a board member. I am really happy to see you because your interests tell me there will gonna fun time to talk with you. Anyway, what will you say about your traveling internet? I am looking for you and will make sure to read more from you. If talk about myself then must say Travelling is a topic that ever let m talk about.
Adverd, First of all, Its really nice to see that you liked to welcome me on the board in such a nice way. Secondly, I would say that I love the travel so much as t is a way to have fun, happiness and lots of beautiful memories in life as well as make the life ideal too because we can see many places, meet new people and know about the different cultures in regions through this.
Well, you are absolutely right about the reasons behind traveling. Those people into traveling are more active and know more than a common man about this universe like different cultures and the peoples of different nations. Would you like to let me know which kind of places attract you a lot?
adverd, You are right, All of these are the best things which can bright a traveler's life. If you ask from me about the travel places that I love the natural and beautiful places like islands, beaches, parks, theme parks, mountains, hilly areas and something like this. Which kind of travel places attract your attention towards them?

I will enjoy bus tours from new york city
Melania! I will like to say you welcome there in this community. i am also new here and going to write my first post about your welcome. So a warm welcome from my side and had a great time there. i hope I will also have a good time there if i will stay tuned here.
Hello, Brinkman, Its good that you welcome me here. As you are also a new member of the board So, I would like to say a warm welcome to you here. I am hopeful that you will spend a nice time on this board. Anyways, Let's talk about the hobbies and things which are best to do in life to have a fun time. What will you like to share on this note?
Melania, I am quite happy to see your post here and surely this is gonna be a great way of fun for sure. i will love to have some fun there more and more. So just go ahead and keep it more up like this time.
Hello, Everyone, I am a new member of this forum and being a junior person of this love to say welcome here you all. After reading your post can say that all will have a good time here and would be able to get and share lots of information in future. Anyway, what is your passion guys?
I am ready to enjoy east coast vacation deals.
Kludd! being a member of this forum, I will like to say you welcome here and surely this is going to be a great way of fun for sure. i will love to have some fun there ahead always and it will be so much delighted time for me always. So traveling is also my most favorites hobby and i just loves to move around for sure.

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