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day trip from vegas
I wanna make my friend happy by taking her with me on day trip from vegas. I am so sure hat this will be so much amazing time for her as she is so worried cause of her son. He is just one month old and suffering a lot with lungs problem. So I hope it will be a bit relaxing time for her.
Brinkman! It is really nice you think about your friend lots and want to make happy to her. But in your post, you said that she had one kid which is only a one-month-old and he is also facing lungs problem. So I think this time is not well for taking any tour with her because your friend kid needs his mother care and attention. If you want to make happy her then you go your friend home and plating some games at home through this she also feels nice.
Mr. Zeem you are absolutely right and I also like to recommend him will try this another time and now try to something useful with her at her home. Like arrange a dinner and play at home. I am so sure this plan will work out.
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Kludd! Good to know that you agree with me and also give this nice suggestion to him. I am sure if he acts upon on these suggestions, these will prove useful for him. Hope so through his friend feel happy.
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Well planning a tour in this scenario is terrible.
This is something so much fascinated time period for us all. I am so sure this gonna work online shopping will be really massive.
Hey tell me how your friend is feeling now. I hope she feels better. And what about the tour you were planning for her, do you take that tour or not yet? If yes then must share with us, how was it for her. She enjoyed it?

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