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Feed up from my friend
In my university, I have made some friends for spending a good time there. But I don't like one friend attitude she also shows her ego in any all the condition and never tries to understand the situation. Now I am fed up with my friend attitude and other things. So let's tell me now what I should do?

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Mr. Zeem, don't be very sad in all friendship group one fried have this sort of attitude. So don't take her seriously and just let her on way. I am so sure after few days she will realize her mistake and will be back in your group soon. Simple is that don't take tension her and just ignore her.

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Well, Guys, That happens sometimes, Do not be worry about that much. Just be with everyone. i am so sure that this will be so much easy to understand everything and she will also be there with you. So do not worry and try to say her that you will always be there with her in every way of life.
I am really happy after reading your post because both o you suggested really nice things to me. I am also glad to tell you that my friend has come back in our grip because now she realizes her mistake and says sorry to all friends. But still, she has an attitude like past days. But I am happy she comes back in our group and now we are a complete group of friends.
Friendship is understanding each other i guess. Stay all together you will be more stronger.

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